Our Group Benefits Administration Product is tuned for TPAs, Brokers, or Insurers

Build your business by leveraging our comprehensive flexible solution. Our solution will be the plumbing behind your business. Once set-up, Oliver Software ensures the functional areas of your organization are connected seamlessly.

Streamline Administrative Processes

  • Automatically run bills on different schedules based on client requirements
  • Create separate bills by carrier
  • Advisor Management – commission tracking and payment our features
  • Payment tracking on an aged receivables basis
  • Comprehensive and flexible benefits management module including flat rate, volume-based, dependent or age-based rate management
  • Retroactive billing based on any life event change in previous work month both automated or manual
  • Individual and batch invoicing options

Carriers and Insurers

Oliver works with major Insurers across Canada.  Whether your plan is new or has been around for 20 years, our plan implementation experts will work with your Insurer to ensure eligibility data is extracted accurately so to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operations.  Once implemented, your plan administrator decides how often eligibility data is provided to the insurer rather than the system.

  • Key reports summarizing and detailing Insurer, admin, advisor costs
  • Claims experience import (if applicable)
  • Analytics supporting annual renewal activities
  • Team dedicated to building stronger integrations with Insurers
  • ASO billing capabilities

Configuration Driven Design

  • Manage multiple divisions and classes within a single group
  • Integration with First Nation group government plans and accommodation of their billing requirements
  • Flexstyle and annual enrolment capabilities
  • Manage eligibility by benefit
  • Ability to facilitate age-banded, smoker/non-smoker, rates for all applicable benefit types
  • Individual customized cards for specific group policies
  • Life event changes automation