Innovating Insurance Distribution:
Oliver Insurance Software Announces launch of New Digital Distribution Platform for Life Insurance in Partnership with Apex Digital Risk Solutions

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Innovating Insurance Distribution:
Oliver Insurance Software Announces launch of New Digital Distribution Platform for Life Insurance in Partnership with Apex Digital Risk Solutions

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[VANCOUVER, CANADA – AUGUST 18, 2023] – Oliver Insurance Software, a leading technology provider in the life insurance industry, is excited to reveal the launch of an innovative digital distribution platform in partnership with Apex Digital Risk Solutions, a forward-thinking distribution partner. Together, they are set to introduce a new era of life insurance distribution tailored for the Canadian market.

Focused on delivering enhanced user experiences, Oliver Insurance Software has developed a user-focused digital distribution platform. This platform is designed to transform the way life insurance products are accessed and experienced, offering a seamless and user-friendly journey. With its modern interface and advanced functionality, the platform offers Canadians the ability to instantly purchase life insurance online with a few short evidence of insurability questions and instant payment options. An online solution without requiring detailed medical evidence sets a new benchmark for digital insurance solutions.

“We’re delighted to introduce our innovative digital distribution platform in collaboration with Apex, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of the Canadian market. More than ever, Canadians need a quick, easy, online solution for insurance solutions that provide financial peace of mind for their family and dependents. This instant issue platform reflects our dedication to providing quality, time-effective solutions for Canadians to feel financially supported when they need it most. ” Stated Gerald Cole, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Oliver .

The collaboration with Apex Digital Risk Solutions as the distribution partner brings a game-changing dynamic to this endeavor. Apex, led by President Matt Inglis, brings expertise in distributing diverse life insurance products through various channels, making them the ideal partner to help bring Oliver’s digital distribution platform vision of accessible insurance solutions to life in Canada.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Oliver Insurance Software to bring this innovative digital distribution platform to the Canadian insurance market. This partnership aligns with our commitment to offering top-notch products to audiences across Canada,” remarked Matt Inglis, President of Apex.

Oliver Software’s launch of the digital distribution platform, combined with Apex’s distribution expertise, forms a synergy that ensures individuals and businesses in the Canadian market can access life insurance solutions with ease. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the Canadian insurance sector, setting new standards for accessible and streamlined insurance services.


About Oliver Insurance Software:

Oliver Insurance Software ( is dedicated to innovation in the insurance sector, creating inventive platforms that redefine how insurance solutions are accessed and experienced. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, Oliver Software aims to elevate the insurance journey in the Canadian market.

About Apex Digital Risk Solutions:

Apex Digital Risk Solutions a respected distribution partner in the insurance and finance industries, specializing in delivering a diverse range of products through various channels. Led by President Matt Inglis and known for their excellence, Apex continues to play a pivotal role in reshaping how insurance solutions are distributed and embraced in Canada.


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