Oliver is Focused on Protecting Your Data

We are currently working towards GDPR Readiness to enhance our already PIPEDA compliant processes around data privacy, protection and governance. Although we aren’t currently required to be GDPR compliant, we believe in getting ahead of the pack and adhering to best practices in data privacy. When GDPR changes inevitably come to North America we’ll be ready, and our clients will be protected.

Key policy changes include addressing new obligations around data breaches and strengthening the rights of individual persons to their personal data.

Automate and Streamline your Administration

Automate and streamline administrative tasks through our sophisticated Smart Remittance module including real time eligibility processing.

  • Automated initial plan qualification
  • Automated real time ongoing eligibility determination so that claims are paid sooner
  • Reconciliation of employer contributions to total hours submitted
  • Automated and streamlined hours remittance and contribution collection processes
  • Over a dozen member alerts provide administrators the information at their fingertips so that information entering the database is clean and accurate

Carriers and Insurers

Oliver works with major Insurers across Canada.  Whether your plan is new or has been around for 20 years, our plan implementation experts will work with your Insurer to ensure eligibility data is extracted accurately so to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operations.  Once implemented, your plan administrator decides how often eligibility data is provided to the insurer rather than the system.

  • Key reports summarizing and detailing Insurer, admin, advisor costs
  • Claims experience import (if applicable)
  • Analytics supporting annual renewal activities
  • Team dedicated to building stronger integrations with Insurers
  • ASO billing capabilities

Manage Complex Hour Bank Plans that Can Scale

  • Multiple hour bank plan set-ups
  • Contribution rates on a per hour basis
  • Ability to convert any metric to a per hour basis. For example miles or kilometers or dollars conversion to cost per hour.
  • Multiple branding options for your plan sponsors
  • Automated month-end procedures producing over a dozen reports all with a few clicks of a button