Streamline Processes

Smart Automation Drives Our Remittance Application

Multiple automated checkpoints and validations ensures your data stays clean and meaningful. Whether you sponsor a pension or health and welfare plan, or both; our powerful remittance application makes it easy to manage day to day tasks minimizing the amount of work necessary on back-office activities so you can devote more time to your members.

Audit Trails Made Easy

With so many users accessing the various plans under administration, it takes robust and well architected, purpose-built software to help manage all of this data. This makes the job easy for the administrator while ensuring administrative policies are followed set by senior staff. Changes, history, user access – all tracked through our sophisticated audit tracking module.

Staying ahead of the Curve with Data Privacy and Security

We are currently working towards GDPR Readiness to enhance our already PIPEDA compliant processes around data privacy, protection and governance. Although we aren’t currently required to be GDPR compliant, we believe in getting ahead of the pack and adhering to best practices in data privacy. When GDPR changes inevitably come to North America we’ll be ready, and our clients will be protected. Key policy changes include addressing new obligations around data breaches and strengthening the rights of individual persons to their personal data.

Implementation & Data Migration

Upgrading to a modern benefits administration solution like Oliver can be scary, especially when it requires you to migrate years of sensitive personal data. You can feel secure knowing that while Oilver’s Benefit Administration Software is modern and our team follows the latest data security and privacy best practices, our approach to implementation and data migration is built on years of experience.