Oliver can help you transform your business

In a 2018 survey by KPMG of Canada’s leading insurers, an overwhelming percentage of respondents named Digital Transformation and Disruption as a top opportunity and risk to their business. Now more than ever insurance companies are looking to digital solutions to better serve their customers. Updating your legacy software to a modern solution can provide cost-savings and efficiencies for your business and pass along significant value to your customers.

Percentage of leaders who expect disruption in their sector over the next 3 years as a result of technological innovation.
CEOs will make significant investments in blockchain, or have already launched a major initiative.

It’s all about your customers

When you upgrade to a software like Oliver the benefits are immediate. Not just for you as the insurer, but for your customers. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Digital onboarding

Enhanced features will improve the customer experience. Solidify your brand every time they submit a claim, receive payment in a timely manner or are able to access benefits information without hassle.

Get digital using our secure API

Whether your Digital Transformation strategy is ambitious like opening new distribution channels or more rooted in shoring up existing market share through enhancing end-user experience, our Secure API along with our customer-facing products are up to the task. Work with our team of functional and technical experts and launch a pilot project to address any one of your digital initiatives.

Implementation & Data Migration

Upgrading to a modern benefits administration solution like Oliver can be scary. Especially when it requires you to migrate years of sensitive personal data. You can feel secure in the knowledge that our team follows the latest data security and privacy best practices, while our approach to implementation and data migration is built on years of experience.