Built for Advisors, by Advisors: Oliver & Apex’s Collaborative Approach to Life Insurance Distribution

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Built for Advisors, by Advisors: Oliver & Apex’s Collaborative Approach to Life Insurance Distribution

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Life insurance is a crucial pillar of security and assurance for individuals and families in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. At the core of the insurance industry, life insurance advisors work tirelessly to understand their client’s needs and deliver personalized solutions. They are the bridge connecting insurance solutions to real human needs. But who’s building the tools and platforms that allow them to seamlessly provide solutions to their clients?

With a shared objective, Oliver Insurance Software and APEX Digital Risk Solutions have united to facilitate the accelerated distribution of life insurance products via education, digital tools, and focused marketing efforts. APEX has brought the unique perspective of the advisor to this shared objective, where Oliver has brought their software development bench strength to build a better distribution tool and platform for life insurance advisors. Here’s a closer look at how we’re doing it:

Understanding the Front Line

In order to make this product differentiated, it was crucial for our teams to understand the foundational requirements of advisors. By listening and learning from life insurance advisors, we began to understand their daily challenges – advisors have a limited amount of time, they need easy-to-use solutions that can support their individual mandates. We believe this front line understanding has allowed us to craft a product that is aligned with real-world demands.

Collaboration That Counts

Our collaborative partnership has set us apart in the insurance industry, combining both the perspective and knowledge of the advisor with the innovation of technology architects. Together we’ve been able to bridge the gap between distribution, product, and consumer interfacing – we’ve built a platform that is both usable by advisors and their clients. The platform is a powerful tool that combines streamlined distribution with advanced analytics, and simple user interfacing.

Innovation through Nuance

Our goal was to create a technology solution that aligned with the nuanced requirements of life insurance professionals. Having a firm understanding of those requirements from ideation, through development and execution allowed us to constantly measure our solution against the feedback of advisors. The innovation in this platform was derived from the details of the day-to-day advisor experience.

Transparency and Trust

Our relationship with advisors doesn’t end with the platform launch; it’s an ongoing dialogue. Transparency and trust are vital to our collaborative approach. Regular discussions on purpose and mission, demonstrations, and feedback sessions ensure that we continue to position our platform to evolve with the needs of the industry.

A Global Vision with a Local Touch

Oliver and Apex’s relationship goes beyond business collaboration; it’s a shared vision to elevate the life insurance industry to new heights. While the goal of our platform is to be widespread, the “built for Advisors, by Advisors” philosophy ensures that we never lose the local touch that makes life insurance personal and meaningful.

Life insurance is more than policies and premiums; it’s about people, protection, and peace of mind. The human connection must not be lost in a world increasingly driven by digital solutions. Oliver and Apex’s collaborative approach embodies this principle, creating a platform that revolutionizes life insurance distribution and does so with the heart and soul of the industry – the advisors.

Contact us to learn more about our approach to life insurance distribution. Because when we build together, we succeed together.

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