Funds Collection

Our flexible Smart Remittance module is tuned to collect any type of fund or due. This includes a variety of union-based funds, working dues, or retirement funds such as RRSP contributions. A great addition to any administrative environment giving you more tools to choose from.

Pension Estimators

With our turnkey Pension Estimator product, disclaimers and warnings are built into the process, highlighting these forecasts are estimates. Our product tracks member engagement and other key metrics, helping stakeholders understand their plan member’s behaviours more deeply.

Trustee Portals

Read-only access to key plan documents won’t have plan administrators scrambling last minute before trustee meetings. Simply send out an email notification and provide them temporary access to the documents you want them to review.

Secure digital employee surveys for consultants

Our platform is agnostic to any administrator, insurer or consulting firm. As a result, it’s easy for plan sponsors to send out surveys to their members to get a quick pulse on what is important to them and whether those results may drive plan design change.

Printing & Mailout Services

Need additional help during those busy times of the year? Lean on our administrative team and printing partner services to reduce your timeframe in getting important documents out to plan members or plan sponsors.